Tunera is a transnational type foundry, that aims to present new and original typefaces for everyone. Tunera Type Foundry got its name from the Indian fig cactus, called “tunera” in Spanish, because it offers sharp font picks, rich curves and lots of flavor.

Founded in January 2020 by Ariel Martín Pérez, joined by Anton Moglia soon after. The foundry distributes open-source typefaces, all the while facilitating donations to the typeface designers.

# Typeface Link Designer Year
1 Amakan tunera.xyz
2 Brassia tunera.xyz
3 Canarina tunera.xyz
4 Générale Station tunera.xyz
5 Isenheim tunera.xyz
6 Kobata tunera.xyz
7 Lobular tunera.xyz
8 Malebolge tunera.xyz
9 Manosque tunera.xyz
10 Nyght Serif tunera.xyz
11 Paysage tunera.xyz
12 Pescante tunera.xyz
13 Picaflor tunera.xyz
14 Piscolabis tunera.xyz
15 Roubaix Industrielle tunera.xyz
16 Teranoptia tunera.xyz