Foundries A–Z or by region.



# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 205TF Lyon, France
2 29Letters Madrid, Spain
3 3type Shanghai, China


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 A is for France
2 A2-Type London, United Kingdom
3 Abstract Office Los Angeles, United States
4 Abyme London, United Kingdom
5 Adam Ladd Design Cincinnati, United States
6 Adotbelow Caminha, Portugal
7 Afrotype Lagos, Nigeria
8 Aieou Tools Passenans, France
9 AinsiFont Lille, France
10 Alanna Munro Vancouver, Canada
11 Alice Savoie Lyon, France
12 AllCaps Berlin, Germany
13 Almarena Lyon, France
14 London, United Kingdom
15 Altiplano Lausanne, Switzerland
16 Ampersand Type Foundry
17 ANRT Nancy, France
18 Apex Type Foundry Paris, France
19 APK Type ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
20 Approximate Type Copenhagen, Denmark
21 ArabicType London, United Kingdom
22 Archivio Tipografico Torino, Italy
23 Arillatype.Studio Málaga, Spain
24 ArrowType New York, United States
25 Art Grootfontein Paris, France
26 Atelier Triay London, United Kingdom
27 ATF Collection Berkeley, California, United States
28 Atipo Gijón, Spain
29 Atlas Berlin, Germany
30 Atypical Thessaloniki, Greece


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 b•v-h type Paris, France
2 Balibilly Canggu, Bali
3 Barnbrook Fonts London, United Kingdom
4 Bastarda Type Bogotá, Colombia
5 Bauer Types Barcelona, Spain
6 bb-bureau Nantes, France
7 bBox Type
8 Beasts of England Chicago, Illinois, United States
9 Benn Zorn Berlin, Germany
10 Berkeley Graphics Emeryville, California, United States
11 Bijou Type Portland, Oregon, United States
12 Binnenland Bern, Switzerland
13 Black Foundry Paris, France 2014
14 Blackletra São Paulo, Brazil
15 Blancoletters Zumaia, Spain
16 Blast Foundry Netherlands
17 Blaze Type Lyon, France
18 Bloom Type Foundry Stockholm, Sweden 2021
19 Bold Decisions Amsterdam, Netherlands
20 Bold Monday Eindhoven, Netherlands; The Hague, Netherlands
21 Bonez Designz United Kingdom
22 Branding with Type Zaragoza, Spain
23 Brandon Nickerson Studio New York, United States
24 BrassFonts Brauweiler, Germany
25 Bretagne type foundry France
26 Briefcase Type Foundry Prague, Czechia
27 British Standard Type London, United Kingdom
28 Brody Fonts London, United Kingdom
29 Brownfox Berlin, Germany
30 Bureau Brut Toulouse, France


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 CabargaType Ojai, California, United States
2 CakeType Netherlands
3 Camelot Typefaces Leipzig, Germany
4 Canada Type Toronto, Canada
5 Capitalics WTF Warsaw, Poland
6 Carter & Cone Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
7 Cast Type Foundry Bolzano, Italy
8 Caterina Santullo The Hague, Netherlands
9 Céline Hurka Type Foundry The Hague, Netherlands
10 Central Type Chicago, Illinois, United States
11 Character Type Hamburg, Germany
12 Cinetype Typeface Design London, United Kingdom
13 Cinketype Budapest, Hungary
14 CJ Type New York City, United States
15 Collletttivo Milano, Italy
16 Commercial Type New York, United States; London, United Kingdom
17 Connary Fagen Fonts Utah, United States
18 Contrast Foundry Sunnyvale, California, United States; Moscow, Russia
19 Coppers and Brasses Montreal, Canada
20 CoType London, United Kingdom
21 Counter Forms Australia
22 CSTM Fonts Riga, Latvia


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 Dalton Maag London, United Kingdom
2 Darden Studio New York City, United States
3 David Jonathan Ross Conway, Massachusetts, United States
4 DDOTT Barcelona, Spain
5 Death of Typography Singapore
6 Debi Sementelli Dallas, Texas, United States
7 Degarism Bandung, Indonesia
8 Delve Fonts Alameda, California, United States
9 Detail Type Foundry Yokohama, Japan
10 Device Fonts London, United Kingdom
11 Dinamo Berlin, Germany
12 Displaay Type Foundry Prague, Czechia
13 DizajnDesign Olomuc, Czechia
14 Domicile Foundry Helsinki, Finland
15 Double Zero France
16 DSType Caminha, Portugal
17 Due Studio Corciano, Italy
18 Dunwich Type Founders Boulder, Colorado, United States
19 Dutch Type Library Netherlands


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 East of Rome Tallinn, Estonia
2 ECAL Typefaces Lausanne, Switzerland
3 New York, United States
4 Ek Type Mumbai, India
5 Elefonts Húsavík, Iceland
6 Element Type Istanbul, Turkey 2024
7 Eliott Grunewald
8 Ellen Luff Type Foundry United Kingdom
9 Emigre Berkeley, California, United States
10 Emtype Foundry Barcelona, Spain
11 Erkin Karamemet Berlin, Germany; Cologne, Germany
12 exljbris Font Foundry Neede, Netherlands
13 Extraset Geneva, Switzerland


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 Électro-bibliothèque Paris, France


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 F37 Manchester, United Kingdom
2 Fabio Haag Porto Alegre, Brazil
3 Fable Singapore
4 Fabrizio Schiavi Design Castell’Arquato, Italy
5 FaireType New York, United States
6 Familjen Type Stockholm, Sweden
7 Family Type Sydney, Australia
8 Famira Fonts New York, United States
9 Fandofonts Madrid, Spain
10 Fantasia Type Milano, Italy; Laces, Italy
11 Fatype Berlin, Germany; Switzerland
12 FDI Type Foundry Weimar, Germany
13 Feedtype Montreal, Canada
14 Feliciano Type Lisbon, Portugal
15 Fer Cozzi Buenos Aires, Argentina
16 Firm Milano, Italy
17 Flavia Zimbardi Berlin, Germany
18 Floodfonts Type Foundry Cologne, Germany
19 Florian Karsten Medlovice, Czechia
20 Fond de riz
21 Font Spectrum Amsterdam, Netherlands
22 Fonts from Folch Madrid, Spain; Barcelona, Spain
23 Fontwerk Berlin, Germany
24 Forgotten Shapes Leipzig, Germany
25 Formagari Marseille, France
26 Format.otf Halle, Germany
27 Formerly Known Los Angeles, California, United States
28 Formula Type Udine, Italy
29 Fort Foundry Athens, Georgia, United States
30 Foster Type Sydney, Australia
31 Foundry5 Cambridge, United Kingdom
32 Francis Chouquet Basel, Switzerland
33 Franziska Weitgruber South Tyrol, Italy
34 FredsFonts London, United Kingdom
35 Freight Collection United States
36 Frere–Jones Type New York, United States
37 Frost London, United Kingdom
38 Fuerte Type Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 G-Type United Kingdom
2 GarageFonts Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
3 General Type Studio New York, United States
4 Giulia Boggio London, United Kingdom
5 Good Type Foundry Sandnes, Norway
6 Gradient Bergen, Norway
7 Grilli Type Lucerne, Switzerland
8 Groteskly Yours, Studio Belgrade, Serbia


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 HAL Typefaces Berlin, Germany
2 Hanken Design Co. Batangas City, Philippines
3 Harbor Type Porto Alegre, Brazil
4 Heavyweight Prague, Czechia
5 Herzberg Design Co. New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
6 HEX Projects New York, United States
7 Hoodzpah Anaheim, California, United States
8 Hot Type Zagreb, Croatia
9 House Industries Yorklyn, Delaware, United States
10 Huerta Tipográfica Argentina
11 Hungarumlaut Graz, Austria
12 Hurme Design Helsinki, Finland
13 Huy! Fonts Madrid, Spain
14 HvD Fonts Berlin, Germany
15 Hypertype Berlin, Germany


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 Identity Letters Germany
2 indestructible type*
3 Indian Type Foundry Ahmedabad, India
4 Inga Plönnigs Berlin, Germany
5 Inhouse Type Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
6 Interrobang Type Texas, United States
7 Interval Type Paris, France
8 Ivy Foundry Denmark


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 J Foundry Toronto, Canada
2 Jamie Clarke Type United Kingdom
3 Jan Fromm Berlin, Germany
4 Jeremy Tankard Typography Cambridge, United Kingdom
5 José Solé London, United Kingdom
6 JTD Type Foundry Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
7 July Type The Hague, Netherlands
8 Just Another Foundry Garching, Germany


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 Kanon Foundry Malmö, Sweden
2 Kerns & Cairns Boston, Massachussets, United States
3 Kilotype Harxheim, Germany
4 Kimera Munich, Germany
5 Kimmy Design United States
6 Klim Type Foundry Wellington, New Zealand
7 Kobu Foundry Faro, Portugal
8 Kometa Brno, Czechia
9 Kontour United States
10 Kostić Type Foundry Belgrade, Serbia


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 La Bolde Vita Leipzig, Germany
2 Labor and Wait Hudson River Valley, New York, United States
3 Laïc Warsaw, Poland
4 Laura Worthington Bonney Lake, Washington, United States
5 Lazydogs Typefoundry Munich, Germany
6 League of Movable Type
7 Lechuga Type Quéretaro, Mexico
8 Leinster Type Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
9 Letterjuice Barcelona, Spain; Buenos Aires, Argentina
10 Lettermatic Kaysville, Utah, United States
11 Lettermin Ljubljana, Slovenia
12 LettError The Hague, Netherlands
13 Letters from Sweden Sweden
14 Lettersoup Berlin, Germany
15 LiebeFonts Berlin, Germany
16 Lift Type Montpellier, France 2014
17 Lineto Zurich, Switzerland
18 Lipton Letter Design Providence, Rhode Island, United States
19 lo-ol Type Foundry Geneva, Switzerland
20 London Type Foundry United Kingdom
21 LucasFonts Berlin, Germany
22 LudwigType Aichach, Germany
23 Luis Bandovas Leça da Palmeira, Portugal
24 Lux Typo Los Angeles, United States
25 Luzi Type Bern, Switzerland


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 MAC Rhino Fonts Stockholm, Sweden
2 maketypenotwar! Berlin, Germany
3 Malou Verlomme France
4 Manic Type Toronto, Canada
5 Manufacturas Tipográficas Madrileñas Madrid, Spain
6 Margot Lévêque New York, United States
7 Mark Frömberg Berlin, Germany
8 Mark Simonson Studio Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
9 Mark van Leeuwen Berlin, Germany
10 Marmite Defontes Lausaunne, Switzerland
11 Martin Majoor Arnhem, Netherlands
12 Mass Driver The Hague, Netherlands
13 Maxitype Geneva, Switzerland
14 MCKL Los Angeles, California, United States
15 Metis Melbourne, Australia
16 Michael Rafailyk Ukraine
17 Minjoo Ham Berlin, Germany
18 Modern Type
19 Monkey Type New York, United States; Chamonix, France
20 Monokrom Oslo, Norway
21 Monti Fonti Istanbul, Turkey
22 Moretype Liverpool, United Kingdom
23 Mota Italic Berlin, Germany; Moline, Illinois, United States
24 muccaTypo New York, United States
25 MVB Fonts Albany, California, United States


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 Naipe Foundry Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Barcelona, Spain
2 NaN Berlin, Germany
3 Natalie Rauch Berlin, Germany
4 Ndiscover Lisbon, Portugal
5 Neubau Berlin, Germany
6 Neue Bad Salzuflen, Germany 2020
7 New Letters Munich, Germany
8 Newglyph Lausanne, Switzerland
9 Newlyn London, United Kingdom
10 Nguyen Gobber Vienna, Austria
11 Nice to type Fukuoka, Japan 2017
12 NikolasType Cologne, Germany
13 NM Type Sweden; Spain
14 Nodo Type Foundry Buenos Aires, Argentina; Monterrey, Mexico 2015
15 Non Foundry
16 Nootype Neuchâtel, Switzerland
17 Nouvelle Noire Zurich, Switzerland
18 Nova Type Foundry Porto, Portugal
19 Nuform Berkley, California, United States


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 Occupant Fonts Providence, Rhode Island, United States
2 Ograda Type Co. Runcu, Romania
3 OH no Type Co. San Jose, California, United States 2015
4 Okay Type Chicago, Illinois, United States
5 Olof Bern, Switzerland
6 Omega Type Foundry
7 Open Source Publishing
8 OPS Type Amsterdam, Netherlands / Stockholm, Sweden
9 Optimo Geneva, Switzerland
10 Or Type Reykjavík, Iceland 2013
11 Order Type Foundry New York, United States
12 Original Type Amsterdam, Netherlands
13 Otherwhere Collective Miami, Florida, United States
14 Out of the Dark Zurich, Switzerland
15 Outras Fontes Vitória, Brazil
16 Overlap Type Oakland, California, United States


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 Paavola Type Studio Helsinki, Finland
2 PampaType Córdoba, Argentina
3 Pangram Pangram Montreal, Canada
4 Parachute Type Foundry Athens, Greece
5 Parker Studio
6 Peregrin Studio London, United Kingdom
7 PFA-Typefaces Berlin, Germany
8 Phantom Foundry France
9 Piotr Łapa Krakow, Poland
10 Pizza Typefaces France
11 Plain Form France
12 Plau Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
13 Playtype Copenhagen, Denmark
14 Poem Frankfurt am Main, Germany
15 Positype Jefferson, Georgia, United States
16 Power Type Makassar, Indonesia; New Castle, Delaware, United States
17 Pretend Foundry Charleston, South Carolina, United States
18 Process Type Foundry Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
19 Production Type Paris, France
20 Proof of Words Paris, France; Helsinki, Finland
21 PSTL Orlando, Florida, United States
22 PSY/OPS San Francisco, California, United States
23 Public Type
24 Pyte Foundry Oslo, Norway


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 Questa Project
2 Quintana-Font Chile


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 R-Typography Lisbon, Portugal
2 R9 Type+Design Vancouver, Canada
3 Range Left London, United Kingdom
4 Raoul Gottschling Berlin, Germany
5 Razzia Type Zurich, Switzerland
6 Reber R41 Spresiano, Italy
7 Renegadefonts Prague, Czechia
8 Republish Saigon, Vietnam
9 Resistenza Type Foundry Valencia, Spain
10 ReType The Hague, Netherlands
11 Revolver Type Foundry Frankfurt am Main, Germany
12 Riptype
13 Road to Venice Type Germany
14 Rosetta Brno, Czechia
15 RP Digital Type Foundry London, United Kingdom


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 Scannerlicker Espinho, Portugal
2 Schick Toikka Berlin, Germany; Helsinki, Finland
3 Schriftlabor Vienna, Austria
4 Self-released
5 Serpentype Zurich, Switzerland
6 Setup Type Bratislava, Slovakia
7 Sharp Type New York, United States
8 ShinnType Orangeville, Canada
9 Show Me Fonts Berlin, Germany
10 Signal Type Foundry Dublin, Ireland
11 Silly Type Foundry Amsterdam, Netherlands
12 Simplebits Salem, Massachusetts, United States
13 Skritur France
14 Skrr Type Aix-Les-Bains, France
15 Slow Fonts Marseille, France; Villeurbanne, France
16 SM Foundry Apeldoorn, Netherlands
17 Sociotype London, United Kingdom
18 Source Type Zurich, Switzerland
19 Souvenir Typefaces
20 Spirit & Bones Hamburg, Germany
21 Store Norske Skriftkompani Volda, Norway
22 Storm Type Foundry Prague, Czechia
23 Studio Linda Hintz Frederiksberg, Denmark
24 Studio Muhittin Güneş Istanbul, Turkey
25 Studio René Bieder Berlin, Germany
26 Studio Type Antwerp, Belgium
27 Sudtipos Buenos Aires, Argentina
28 Suitcase Type Foundry Prague, Czechia
29 Supercontinente San José, Costa Rica
30 Superior Type Prague, Czechia
31 supertype Berlin, Germany
32 SUVA Type Foundry Tallinn, Estonia
33 Swiss Typefaces Vevey, Switzerland
34 Synthview Type Design Paris, France


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 Tabular Type Foundry
2 Tandem Type Szczecin, Poland
3 Tarallo Design Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
4 Teeline Fonts Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States 2010
5 Tekio Warsaw, Poland
6 Temporary State Leipzig, Germany 2017
7 Teo Tuominen Helsinki, Finland
8 The Designers Foundry New Zealand
9 The Foundry Types London, United Kingdom
10 The Northern Block Corbridge, United Kingdom
11 Thomas Jockin United States
12 Threedotstype Wrocław, Poland
13 Tightype Murrhardt, Germany
14 Tiny Type Co. Oslo, Norway
15 Tipofili New York, United States
16 Tipografies Barcelona, Spain
17 TipoType New York, United States
18 Tiro Typeworks British Columbia, Canada
19 Tokotype Bandung, Indonesia 2015
20 Toshi Omagari London, United Kingdom
21 Tour de Force Gornji Milanovac, Serbia
22 TPTQ Arabic The Hague, Netherlands
23 Tunera 2020
24 Tüpokompanii Tallinn, Estonia
25 Type and Roll Poznań, Poland
26 Type By Antwerp, Belgium
27 Type Forward Sofia, Bulgaria
28 Type Matters Pullach, Germany
29 Type Salon Ljubljana, Slovenia
30 Type Supply Baltimore, Maryland, United States
31 Type-Ø-Tones Barcelona, Spain
32 Typearture Haarlem, Netherlands
33 Typedepot Sofia, Bulgaria; Berlin, Germany
34 Typedifferent Bern, Switzerland
35 Typeji New York, United States
36 Typejockeys Vienna, Austria
37 Typeland London, United Kingdom
38 TypeMates Ortenburg, Germany
39 TypeRepublic Lleida, Spain
40 Typerotation Leipzig, Germany
41 Typesenses
42 Typespec Manchester, United Kingdom
43 Typetanic Chicago, Illinois, United States
44 TypeThis!Studio Hamburg, Germany
45 TypeTogether
46 Typetr Delft, Netherlands
47 TypeType Foundry Astana, Kazakhstan; Levittown, Pennsylvania, United States; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; St. Petersburg, Russia
48 Typeverything Bucharest, Romania
49 Typofonderie Clamart, France
50 Typogama Geneva, Switzerland
51 Typografische Istanbul, Turkey
52 Roubaix, France
53 Typolar Helsinki, Finland
54 Typonym Berlin, Germany 2024
55 Typotheque The Hague, Netherlands
56 Typothèque Bye Bye Binary


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 U+27D Rennes, France
2 Ultra Kuhl Berlin, Germany
3 Undercase Type
4 Underscore Espoo, Finland
5 Underware The Hague, Netherlands; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Helsinki, Finland
6 Universal Thirst Reykjavík, Iceland; Bangalore, India


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 Velvetyne France
2 Very Cool Studio Oakland, California, United States
3 Vibrant Types Hamburg, Germany
4 Victor Bartis Bucharest, Romania
5 Victoria Rushton New York, United States
6 Virgile Flores
7 Vocal Type United States
8 VZWO Type Münster, Germany


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 W Type Foundry Santiago, Chile
2 Wannatype Vienna, Austria
3 Warsaw Types Warsaw, Poland
4 Weltkern Orbe, Switzerland
5 Wiener Schriften Vienna, Austria
6 WiseType Rotterdam, Netherlands
7 Workhorse Type Foundry Utah, United States
8 Working Title Antwerp, Belgium
9 WrittenShape Paris, France


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 X Cicéro Valence, France
2 XO Type Co. Chicago, Illinois, United States
3 XYZ Type St. Louis, Missouri, United States; New York, United States


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 Yanone Dresden, Germany
2 Yellow Design Studio Hopewell, New Jersey, United States


# Foundry Link Location Year founded
1 Zetafonts Florence, Italy